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TSC : a user friendly atmosphere for a successful event


A worldwild event


SCC is keen to thank all the attendees for their availabilities and their kindness. Coming from all over the world (China, New Zealand, Europe...) this Twin Screw Course has been a success thanks to the implication of each attendee. So thanks everyone for coming and see you soon for next extrusion meetings.

SCC thanks also the CEMEF for its welcome on its site, and more especially the Pr. Bruno VERGNES for his time and work in the organization of this specific course.


Going deeper in the extrusion process analysis


The Twin Screw Course detailed the theoretical principles of the extrusion process and proposed an introduction to the use of the Ludovic software. Following this course, all the SCC team remains at your disposal for going deeper in the analysis of your own extrusion issues :

  • screw design
  • operating conditions control and optimization
  • products formulation

  • For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.



    A unique package for undertaking twin screw issues


    SCC organized with the CEMEF a twin screw course for undertaking theoretical and practical issues about the twin screw extrusion process.


    This course is a new look on the TSE process by providing a concrete link between the theoretical knowledge and the practical applications on the machine, through the eye of numerical simulation.


    This package is dedicated to process engineer who want to find out new solutions for mastering/improving their analysis of the extrusion process. The course is organized on two days :

  • first day dedicated to theoretical reminders on TSE mechanisms (animated by Bruno VERGNES - CEMEF)
  • second day for a dedicated training on the Ludovic software (animated by SCC)


     Getting a Ludovic training and temporary license

    The training on the Ludovic software is aimed at putting into practice the knowledge presented the day before.

    Indeed, the Ludovic software is aimed at bringing practical informations/data about the thermo-mechanical history of the material inside the screw. Those data have to be analyzed from a mechanical point of view. 

    During this training, the main addressed topics are :

  • how to undertake the Ludovic results?
  • how to use them for improving the process/product quality

    At the end of the course, attendees will be provided with a temporary license of the Ludovic software.


    Download the program


    Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions scc@scconsultants.com