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Reliability and accuracy of TSE simulations

Ludovic software for extrusion


Producing high technical polymers

natural fillers

A reinforced PP with natural fibbers

During the extrusion workshop organized by the Fraunhofer, experiments were performed on a 27 mm diameter extruder. The goal was the adjustment of parameters in order to produce a PP compounds, reinforced by natural wood fibers.

The Woodforce dice pellets has been used for this demonstration with a standard PP grade. The adjustment consisted in regulating the temperature of the material and optimize the residence time. Indeed, those two process parameters are a key factor for the processability of the Woodforce material.

4 set of different operating conditions are presented on the hereafter curves.


Controling the temperature


Strong agreement between modeling and measurements

Temperaure is a key parameter for processing natural fibers. With a too low temperature, the melt does not achieve. With a too high temperature, fibers might been burnt.

In order to measure it, sensors were placed at different locations along the screw profile.

The sensor we observe on the opposite picture is located at the die exit. The curves show the very good ability of Ludovic in predicting the temperature of a product, taking into account different operating conditions.

(blue means the experiments measures, red means the simulations results)


Controling the Residence Time


Predicting the RTD

The second parameter taken into account is the RTD (Residence Time Distribution). This is a first (but not the only) tag for undertaking the mixing efficiency. Indeed, the dice pellets needs high mixing efficiency for dispersing the natural fibers.

The residence time was measured during the trials and the opposite curve show that Ludovic is able to compute the residence time in a very good way.

(blue means the experiments measures, red means the simulations results)




High reliability for technical products

As a result, this comparison is the opportunity to establish the very good capability of Ludovic in identifying and anticipating the key parameters for optimizing the quality of technical products.

Simulations performed with the Ludovic software allows to :

  • anticipate the material behaviour
  • reduce the experiments (-50%)


Meet us on the K show for a special presentation of these results ("Simulation of extrusion process" on October 22, 2013 - Room 5 -CCD South) : click here for more information

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