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SC-Consultants Store

The SC-Consultants store is available for selecting our events.They are divided into three objectives : discover, test and operate.

The Promotion

The "Promotion" events are designed to discover SC-Consultants simulation software. They are the place for sharing process optimisation experience and access our products features.

The Course

The SC-Consultants "Course" events are dedicated to test SC-Consultants simulation software. Attendees are given technical background information and in a second step can exercise the software. As an option, a temporary license is delivered at the end of the course.

The Training

The "Training" events consist in an practical or advanced teaching session in order to operate SC-Consultants software. They present the theoritical background as well as practical exercises to maximise the return on investment.

You may apply to our Promotions, Courses and Training events by clicking on the desired elements on the agenda below.

Find also all the "Software Academy" events organized to share customers experiences and give tips and tricks.

On your agenda

Nom Date Duration Place
Ludovic Training 2 days Saint Etienne
SCC software and cloud Jan 27 2022 30 minutes Webinar
qobeo air quenching simulation Feb 24 2022 30 minutes Webinar
XimeX-TSE : determining the mixing Mar 31 2022 30 minutes Webinar
FIP Apr 05 2022 4 days Lyon
Solid : casting optimization Apr 28 2022 30 minutes Webinar
Ludovic Feature Focus IV - playing with rheology Jun 16 2022 30 minutes Webinar
Ludovic Extra Token Jul 12 2022
qobeo complex case of gas quenching Sep 29 2022 30 minutes Webinar
XimeX-MXR : handling every mixer specificities Oct 27 2022 30 minutes Webinar
AMI Compounding World- Cleveland Nov 09 2022 2 days Cleveland
Solid Casting optimization Nov 24 2022 30 minutes Webinar
AMI Compounding World ESSEN Jun 14 2023 2 days Essen

To get more details about a specific promotion / course / training, contact SCC.

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