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Twin Screw Course - Montreal


twin screw scale up

In partnership with :

Université de Sherbrooke
Prima Québec


General overview : a TSC what for?

The TSC (Twin Screw Course) has been designed for solving industrial issues with the simulation of the twin screw process.

It proposes different presentations about the extrusion background, key mechanisms and prospects for getting solutions about :

  • Material characterization
  • Screw design
  • Definition of adapted operating conditions
  • Process global optimization

The TSE simulation as a process accelerator

The extrusion can be seen as a black-box, playing with thermo-mechanical phenomena. For getting the key of the mechanisms, the simulation is a valuable option as it allows to

  • screen experimental plans
  • bypass the "tests and errors" method
  • save time and materials
  • capitalize on knowledge about the process mechanisms/material behaviour



Who should attend the TSC

The TSC is aimed at R&D and process engineers who are interested in the twin screw process. All the people involved in the material, products and complex formulations find in the TSC reading key for improving the process and the product quality.



The short-terms benefits

Among the advantages in participating to the TSC :

  • Gain experience on the global extrusion process understanding
  • Learn about the more relevant parameters/material data
  • Learn about the extrusion traps
  • Learn how to optimize a screw design
  • Learn how to optimize the process conditions
  • Learn how to quickly idenfity an adapted processing window
  • Learn how to perform the scale up
  • Receive a 2 months license of the Ludovic software


June 8, 2016 - In Montréal (QC - Canada)

TSC Montral

The TSC Montreal takes place on June 8, 2016, in Montréal (QC) at

Hôtel Omni Mont Royal
P1050 Sherbrooke Street West
Montréal - QC H3A 2R6
Tel : +1 514 284 1110

Program and Registrations

The provisional program is from now on available.

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