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Optimizing the HME process - Spring 2017 in Bonn

Twin Screw Course Pharma Edition

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General overview : a TSC what for?

This training is aimed at providing a concrete answer to the various HME industrial issues, within the numerical simulation during two days.

  • Reminders about the extrusion mechanisms and hands on tutorials in using the Ludovic software (day 1)
  • Issues related to measuring simulation-relevant material characteristics (day 2)

Who should attend the TSC

The Twin Screw Course targets process engineers and scientists who are involved in the Hot Melt Extrusion process and want to improve the process and the product quality.

What you will learn

During these days, attendees learn about :

  • Benefits of numerical simulation to optimize the process

  • Process mechanisms description and understanding

  • How to solve industrial HME cases with rules and tips

  • Plan, reduce the trials (and the API consumption)

The short-terms benefits

In terms of benefits, participating to the TSC allows to :

  • Gain experience on the global extrusion/HME mechanisms understanding

  • Learn about the most relevant parameters (material characterization)

  • Get reliable data from the simulations

  • Identify the key parameters of the extrusion process

  • Manage campaign trials and experiments plan

  • Save trials, materials, time and API

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Join the Twin Screw Course

Join the TSC in Bonn in Spring 2017 (agenda is in preparation).

Sponsors propose table top presentations/shows for going deeper in the details of the extrusion technology.

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