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Ludovic v7.0 : always closer to the twin screw extrusion process

Moving closer from the industrial process is a real motivation for our team, as our main target remains to answer the user's needs. As the twin screw process become more and more versatile, more and more technic and more and more focused on the performance : simulation has to do so.

Ludovic V7.0

The new developments of Ludovic V7.0

Lots of developments have been integrated into this newest version of THE software dedicated to corotating twin screw extruders. The Ludovic V7.0 roadmap is mainly driven by all of our users who share their needs or ideas for still improving the model. Thus, the different upgrades are tackling different issues : the user-friendly environment, the extruder design capability and the materials issues.

A refreshed interface

The Ludovic environment is a strength of the software. As it allows users to quickly design machines and screw profiles, the interface had to become more intuivite. For reaching this target, different improvements have been designed :

  • Totally refreshed interface
  • New Dashboard for more readability on the simulation key facts
  • Simulation batch mode revisited : for designing a batch of simulations to be afterward computed

Ludovic new dashboard Ludovic Interface Ludovic New Results

Going further into the process complexity

The user-friendly interface is not the only concern for a modeling software. It has to be complete enough for adressing all the possible issues and configurations handled by the industrials. That is the reason why the model of the software and the features have been pushed again further.

Among the most noticable new integrations :

  • Integration of the new Turbine Mixing Elements (TME)
  • Integration of Blister/Ring elements
  • New Standard Database of simulations : integrating realistic configurations (compounds, masterbatches, agro...)
  • Adding the Velocity results at the screw head

screw elements Ludovic main menu

All the new integrated developments are listed on our eSupport site

Soon released

The last tests of this brand new version are now currently performed. Thus, the Ludovic V7.0 should be ready for May, 2020.

All the users being under active maintenance will received the link for downloading the Ludovic V7.0 version.

For any more details, feel free to contact us