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XimeX-ASAP : simulation for every MIXING equipments

XimeX-ASAP is a numerical simulation software, coming from the generic purpose code 3CFD XImeX® Integral.

XimeX-ASAP describes the material behaviour and its evolution during the process. Also, it proposes a quantification of the mixing efficiency, by using innovative tools.

Adapting numerical simulation to a GIVEN mixer

XimeX-ASAP (Adjuste Software for Advanced Process) does a specific focus on the MIXING processes for a complete simulation of the material history, inside the mixer.

The ASAP principle consist in focusing on a given mixer for being its twin numerical companion.

The main advantage remain the adaptation of numerical and physical models to the targetted mixing process (continuous, batch, static...).

XimeX-ASAP shares the XimeX Integral engine and proposes the same hereafter unique analysis :

The CFD analysis with XimeX-ASAP

The analysis of the material flow is a first step. It provides with the thermo-mechanical values of the studied process.

CFD results analysis

  • Temperature

  • Pressure

  • Shear rate

  • Viscosity

  • Energies

  • Velocity

  • ...

XimeX-ASAP provides thus the key data on the material behaviour during the process evolution.




Continuous mixer velocity







/XimeX kenics mixer

Particles tracking : quantifying the mixing efficiency

XimeX® proposes an innovative approach of the processes analysis. The particles analysis consists in tracking numerical particles, based on the material flow analysis. This step is especially interesting because specific properties are attached to the particles.

The particles flow on the materials and have thus the same behaviour as the material (temperature, viscosity, shear rate...). The particles properties allow to quantify the mixing intensity brought to the particles. In this way, those particles hold quantitative tags on the mixing (dispersive, distributive...).

The "Particles" results

  • Particles counts

  • Number of passages

  • Cumulated deformation

  • Residence time distribution

  • Erosion

  • Elongation

  • Breakage

  • ...

This functionality allows statistical analysis aimed at quantifying the mixing efficiency of the industrial processes.


  • CFD computations
  • Physics modeling accuracy
  • Process dedicated
  • Pre-defined resources


  • Adapted package

  • Getting quantitative results

  • Quantifying the efficiency

  • Optimizing the process

  • Reducing time to market


Scientific and technical support






XimeX® is continuously developped within a private industrial consortium, gathering industrials, researchers in partnership with the CEMEF.

Commercialized by SC-Consultants, it is continuously used for consulting actions.


  • Paint

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Food

  • Automotive

  • Compounds

  • Explosives



Some applications in videos


XimeX ASAP : one package for one mixing installation

The XimeX principles

Batch application

The co-kneader process : kinematics and particles dispersion

The static mixer : measuring RTD & velocity

RTD measure


RTD measure in a die


The step : an innovative numerical technology

XimeX® is based on leading edge technologies for the data set up and the simulation computation.

Mesh immersion technique

With the mesh immersion technique, XimeX® easily handles all configurations. Even the most sophisticated elements can be simulated. The mesh immersion technique allows to automatically mesh all the geometries from cad files.

Cloud computing

Based on the CIMLIB technology (developped by the CEMEF), XimeX® is fully parallelized (until 250 000 cores for the Prace project).


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